Why I Love Fall….

I’m over here doing the happy dance today… It’s FALL! I love this time of year… I love the smell of a fall evening, the crisp air and sunny days, the new routines, the smell of a wood-burning fire in someone’s fireplace (unfortunately it’s not mine – mine is gas and it smells and gives me a headache so we rarely use it!), the baking … Okay, okay I’ll stop. You get my point.

I’m an organizer and having things to organize and schedule and plan actually makes me happy. (I know some of you are out there gagging right now!) I’m embracing my gifts and this just so happens to be something I’m good at and love to do. It’s a good thing, too, because God gave me a busy husband and five VERY busy kiddos to schedule and organize to my heart’s content! I’m not saying I enjoy the actual doing of all the busyness some days (or MOST days when I’m stuck driving everyone here and there all afternoon!) I just love the planning of it!

Another reason I love fall is the fact that it reminds me of Christ. Of new life coming out of death. Fall really is death. Those beautiful colors are because the leaves are dying. The crunch of the leaves under your feet as you walk is proof of the death. No one likes to think about death and certainly we don’t see it as beautiful very often, but truly many things have to die before the new can be. Often a dream or plan of our own has to die before we can accept the new dream or plan that is ahead of us. If we try to keep reviving what we want instead of letting go and allowing God to lead us to what we truly need  we suffer and struggle and sometimes even miss out on opportunities that are right in front of us because we are too busy looking down to see it. Just as Christ died and rose again on the third day, the process of death can bring about new life; things that cause us to grow and change and become more like Christ. He gives us abundant life – but we have to choose to accept it and look for it. To see the beauty in the change and sometimes in the waiting and flourish through the process of it. So that one day, just like in the spring, we will bloom with new life and abundant beauty like the flowers peeking through the snow – proof that new  life has arrived! Maybe it’s just different looking than we thought it would be, but maybe we’re different now, too- resilient, stronger, more peaceful, exuberant, joyful…Grateful for the new life we’re becoming and the personal growth we’ve had along the way. Finding beauty in the death and hope in the dreams is my prayer for you!


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